Christmas in Paris: Getting into the holiday spirit

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

When you think of Paris, you probably imagine yourself walking in the Tuileries  gardens while the flowers are just blooming and sitting on the Seine at night. Sure Paris is magical during the Spring, but I had no idea how great it would become during the holiday season. Sure, I had lived in Paris during the winter months before, but I had moved to the city of lights right after the New Year. The Christmas lights were in the midst of being taken down, trees could be found in the garbage, and the streets of Paris seemed less than magical in the freezing cold. 

I arrived to Paris a week before Christmas. Only the movies had prepared me for what to expect on my beloved city during the holiday season. The streets that I had once roamed all of a sudden seemed even more breathtaking than I could even remember. As I went inside the giant department stores of Paris, I became more excited for Christmas with the array of bright colored window displays and the sound of carolers within the store. 
It was officially the holidays. As I strolled around with my family I couldn't help but feel at home in that time in place in the city that I love so dearly. Below you can check out a few pictures and videos of my adventures around the stores. Get ready for more posts on my holidays in Paris coming soon! 

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