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Saturday, January 05, 2013

This is probably the fifth or sixth 'blog introduction' I have made so for in my so called blogging-career. I always have trouble introducing myself and trying not to be over the top cheesy or even worse, making this blog seem like I'm just bragging about how great my life is. If it ever seems like that kind of blog, PLEASE give me a virtual slap in the face!!! (Or give comments below). You can probably guess by the title of my blog that there will be a lot of different mediums I will write about. Some days I might post a picture of my outfits, other days I might do a little bit of a Sex and the City column and write about the dreaded four letter word (yep...LOVE), photography, and maybe some interviews from some cool people. Let's just say that with anything I do, there are endless possibilities! Unlike my other blogs, I am going to have different sections divided up on this blog on separate tabs. That way, if you want to see something fashion related you can find it easily without going through all my pictures of my dog and cat. See how cool that is?!? If you have any suggestions, I would be happy and honestly re-leaved to hear them. HONESTLY. So here it goes!!!!! Let's do this blog!!!
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