J-Term Blues

Monday, January 07, 2013

I'm not one to gossip about people on the internet. Trust me, I know how it feels when I go on the internet and see blog posts talking shit about me. I'm not a celebrity or someone famous. Just a college student. And right now, honestly, I'm having fun-but not compared to earlier in the year. Being a commuter student, I expected when going to college to have a bit of difficulty making friends copared to those living on campus. I attend a pretty small-sized liberal art college. You probably expected that. So when it comes to making firends you think it would be a bit easirer. That's wrong. So far, J-Term is the most awkward situation that I have been in . Ok, its not as bad a junior high, but as an adult now, its weird getting the same sentiments I had way back when I had a flat chest and prayed to God each night to get my period. Yeah...things have changed. But at the same time, not really. How? The dreaded lunch time is still hard for me-the one period of time outside of class where I have to use my "skilss" and converse with people. Typically, this isn't hard for me. Fall term was a breeze and I was loving every minute of it meeting new people. Our little group even had our own little "spot" in the cafeteria. If you just sat there, eventually, in less then a ten minute span one of our friends would come over and converse with you. It was as simple as that.. Now though, the times have changed. The majority of my friends that I sat with have created a distance between us, either because they are too busy, have foun other firnds, or simply are not here for J-Term. It is so weird not having my friends here. Class wise, I'm having fun though. It's not hard to make friends DURING class time. Its just the AFTER thats weird. I know that I have my flaws and all when it comes to socialization but come ON. THis is simply rediculous. Instead of going to lunch, lately I have simply been going home because I find that it's easier that way and I get more of my homework done faster. Does efficiency trump over socialization, or is it simply laziness?

Until next time,

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